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I need a van, backline, and a tour manager. What do I do?

Send us an email. Typically, we just need your itinerary, along with the airport(s) you’ll be arriving into and departing from. Once we get an idea of what your trip is like, we’ll give you an estimate of your total cost. After confirming you want to work with us, we’ll send you a final quote and our reservation policies. Please note, a deposit is required and is contingent on the length of the rental. Due to very high demand, we cannot guarantee a van without a deposit.

What if we have to cancel our tour?

16.1. Cancellation up to 1 month before the start of the tour : free cancellation. No refund of the down payment.

16.2. Cancellation between 1 month and 14 days before the start of the tour : 50% of the validated price offer (down payment deducted) will be invoiced.

16.3. Cancellation between 14 days and 3 days before the start of the tour : 75% of the validated price offer (down payment deducted) will be invoiced

16.4. Cancellation between 3 days and the start of the tour : 100% of the validated price offer (down payment deducted) will be invoiced.

16.5. Cancellation during the tour : same as 16.4
Highway Holidays SRL cannot be held responsible for any cancellation on the client's end

I can tour manage myself. Can we just get a driver?

Absolutely. Bear in mind, our drivers are very familiar with local road and traffic conditions, so it’s best to leave the van call (and anything time related) to them.

I can drive myself. Can we just get a van?

Of course. We deliver and pick up everywhere in Europe and the United Kingdom. Delivery fees are inclusive of all costs, including driver pay, fuel, return airfare/train, and tolls. In case the delivery is farther than 800 kilometers, we require the driver to do the drive in two (2) days and we’ll include one night’s lodging in the delivery fee.

Do Highway Holidays tour managers/drivers do sound?

Yes, but not all of them! Our FOH engineers are very in-demand, so we cannot guarantee availability.

Can our tour manager/driver sell merch at our shows?

Yes, unless your tour manager/driver is also your FOH, he/she can also sell merch.Merch duties vary from being the lovely person behind the table all night, to actual sales reports, reorders, meticulous counts, etc...
Please notify us early in your reservation should you require merch services.

Can you provide a card reader for merch sales?

We can. We use a system called Sumup. Please ask for our rental conditions.

Can you print our merch? What’s the deal?

We can. Our lead time is about three (3) weeks depending on items and amounts needed. Please let us know as soon as you can if you need merch. Send us your designs and size breakdown, and we’ll get back to you with mockups and an estimate.
Not only is our pricing extremely competitive, but you won’t have to pay to ship all those boxes to us!

What condition are the vans in?

All of our vans are later-model vehicles. Given the size of the vehicles, minor cosmetic dents, dings, and scratches are to be expected. Rest assured, however, that all of our vehicles are inspected by certified mechanics on a regular basis.All of our vehicles are rented in clean and excellent running condition. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all our vans.

Is there a bed in there?

Only a few of our vans have beds.
Please note, it is prohibited (by law, not by us) to be in the bed while the van is in motion.

What if a van breaks down?

We provide 24/7 European-wide towing services, included in your rental. We are extremely proactive when it comes to getting repairs done. If you haven’t hired a Highway Holidays driver, you MUST follow our instructions regarding maintenance and repairs, irrespective of the impact it has on your schedule. Failure to follow our instructions voids your agreement with us. The operational safety of a vehicle is determined fully at our discretion. We care about your schedule, but we cannot allow anyone to compromise his or her safety. Your life and well being are the most important things in our vehicles.

In the event of a mechanical malfunction, Highway Holidays will make every effort to get you back on the road as soon as possible.
Should repairs require the vehicle stay at a repair shop overnight, we’ll pay for transportation to a nearby hotel but will not cover the cost of the room(s). In the rare event that repairs cannot be completed within one (1) business day, we will rush a replacement vehicle to you, which can take up to one (1) business day as well.
In the even rarer event that you’d have to cancel a show due to a break down, Highway Holidays will not cover the guarantee.

Do we need a trailer?

All of our vans have enough cargo space to fit an entire backline but if you’re going to be playing through a lot of gear, we strongly advise you get a trailer. The legal maximum gross weight of our vans is 3.5t. A long Mercedes Sprinter weighs about 2.3t empty, leaving about 1.2t of available load weight. The bigger the van, the heavier it is, and the less stuff you can load into it.
European laws on cargo weight are strict and if you are caught breaking them, you will be fined.
In rare cases, the vehicle will be prohibited from further use until the overload is removed. Highway Holidays will not be responsible for any fines or penalties incurred due to weight laws.

What is the deductible on the van in case of an accident and who is responsible?

Please refer to our complete 2023 van rental policies.

What happens if the backline I rented stops functionning?

Our equipment travels hundreds of thousands of kilometers every year and, despite the extreme effort we put into its maintenance, repairs will sometimes be necessary. All our equipment is tested before departure, but electrical equipment can be unpredictable by nature.
Should a repair be necessary during the course of your rental, please be assured we’ll pay for or reimburse all costs associated with it, provided the repair is not due to misuse or mistreatment of the gear. In case of damages due to misuse or mistreatment, you must replace or have a certified technician repair the gear at your own cost.

We are absolutely crazy about our backline. Please treat it respectfully - a little love goes a long way.
Please don’t stand on the bass drum, please don’t ever put open containers on amplifiers, etc...
We also strictly forbid you to open and try fixing amplifiers yourself, no matter how experienced you are, as this is a matter of insurance.

We lost a speaker cable you gave us. Can I use an instrument cable as a speaker cable?

Under no circumstances should an instrument cable be used to connect an amp head to a cabinet.
There is a real risk of destroying the amp.

My band is going to the UK on this tour. Will you provide adapters?

We do not automatically provide adapters for the simple reason that they’re too easy to lose and we rarely ever see them again. But if you ask us for them, we can provide them.
The voltage in the UK is the same as everywhere else in Europe, so no converters are needed.

Can you help with our ATA Carnet?

We will automatically provide ATA Carnets for all tours we TM. If you are only hiring a van and/or backline, you or your TM will have to apply for your ATA Carnet.

Do I need to rent a step down transformer to use my gear in Europe?

Most power supplies for pedals do 220v as well as 110v, so there’s no need for a power transformer. Same goes for keyboards, as they usually have a built-in transformer. If you let us know exactly what you’re planning on bringing, we can tell you if you’re going to need a converter or not.

Does my drum set come with new heads?

The heads on our kits are what the previous drummer left on them.
We’ll gladly order and install new heads of your choice, but at your own expense.
Please notify us at least two (2) weeks prior to your departure if you’d like us to do so.

We’ll have some merch leftovers after the tour and we can’t take it all home. Can you store it for us until we come back?

Yes, you should see the warehouse here! It’s more merch than anything!