“The best in the biz”
“Our favourite tour supply company”
-Grave Pleasures
2011 / ... 

“The only tour managing company I trust”
-Drab Majesty




Lee Fields & The Expressions, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Public Access TV, Reveal, Wand, Lee Ranaldo, Drab Majesty, Mint Field, Mild High Club, Van William, Elm Street, Maggot Heart, Chris Forsyth, Bell Witch, Monarch!, Minami Deutsch, Zuriaake, Comet Control, Vacations, Magic Wands, Aura Noir, The Pack A.D., Watter, Sacri Monti, Mountain Dust, Appalaches, The Dark Red Seed, Au Revoir, Loose Tooth, Dead Leaf Echo, ... 


King Dude, Drab Majesty, Surfer Blood, Emma Ruth Rundle, Jaye Jayle, Splashh, True Widow, King Woman, Föllakzoid, Ruby The Hatchet,
The Well, Sea Pinks, Lebanon Hanover, Dead Leaf Echo, Okkultokrati, Mothership, Nots, 
Public Access TV, The Mystery Lights, Bing & Ruth, Doomsday Student, Bang, Miya Folick, Kevin Morby, Nothing, Bleached, Oozing Wound, Wreck & Reference, Wrekmeister Harmonies,
Grave Pleasures, Hexvessel,
Magic Wands, Cigarettes After Sex, The Murlocs, Hein Cooper, Atsuko Chiba, Noga Erez, Yowie, Black Anvil, Beliefs, Dhidalah, Together Pangea, Shilpa Ray, Trapped Under Ice, ORB


Hope Drone, King Dude, Public Access TV, Nots, Drab Majesty, Charnier, Electric Citizen, Pop. 1280, Shilpa Ray, Nothing,
Lee Ranaldo & El Rayo, Wrekmeister Harmonies, 
Bleached, The Mystery Lights, Mothership, Wo Fat, All Your Sisters, Upsilon Acrux,
Black Wizard, Joy, Colleen Green, Cassie Ramone, Oozing Wound, Uubbuurruu, Jackie Lynn,


King Dude, Kevin Morby, Oozing Wound, Harsh Toke, Comet Control, USA Out Of Vietnam, Bing & Ruth,  Elm Street, Dirty Fences


King Dude, Scout Pare-Phillips, Warbringer, Elm Street, Sourvein, Graves At Sea, Loss, Worship, Dark Country, Wo Fat, Mothership, Dirty Fences, Naam, Golden Grass


Trigger Effect, The Babies, Bleached, Naam


Barn Burner, Trigger Effect


Barn Burner